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Virtual Appointments

Roger is happy to undertake a brief, free, virtual consultation to discuss any orthopaedic issues and concerns you may have. These are useful for us to establish the best route for your treatment.

He will assess your needs and direct you to the most appropriate service. This could be for a formal face to face consultation with Roger, some physiotherapy treatment, input from your GP or reference to self-help guides.

Please note, these are limited in number and by appointment only there maybe some delay before we can get back to you depending on availability. It is important if using this services to continue your treatment by traditional means. If you wish to book a free virtual appointment please contact using the link below. Please note we cannot arrange these via email or using the telephone service or answering service.


Information provided by Roger during a free initial consultation is provided in good faith and limited by the consultation methodology and does not substitute normal routes for management of your condition. We cannot guarantee that we can get back to you within a specific time frame. Any urgent issues must follow traditional routes.

Areas covered

Birmingham  |  Chester  |  Cheshire  |  Crewe  |  Nantwich  |  Staffordshire  |  Stoke

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