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Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder injuries - there are 5 common shoulder injuries that can be treated by the, Impingement or Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder, Calcific tendinitis, Rotator cuff tears and Instability. Each of these injuries may require shoulder surgery

 Impingement or Bursitis

Impingement or Bursitis is the most common shoulder disorder. It presents with shoulder pain radiating down the upper arm. There is often a history of overuse or minor trauma. It is usually easily treated by physiotherapy or an injection. Occasionally surgery is required.

 Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is often over diagnosed. It presents initially with pain followed by stiffness. The mainstay of treatment is physiotherapy and injections. Occasionally a simple manipulation is required under anaesthetic. The condition in itself is self-limiting.

 Calcific tendinitis

Calcific tendinitis is uncommon and presents with spontaneous agonising shoulder pain. It can usually be treated with injections or shock wave therapy. Ultrasound guided aspiration can be undertaken under local anaesthetic.

 Rotator cuff tears

Rotator cuff tears are common cause of shoulder pain. Whilst they can occur following an injury they can alco occur spontaneously. They present with typically nocturnal pain and weakness. The diagnosis can be made in clinic with imaging to plan treatment. The treatment is aimed at controlling pain by physiotherapy and injections. If this fails minimally invasive surgery may be the only option.


Instability usually follows a significant event resulting in a dislocation. Persisting and intrusive instability may require surgical intervention. This surgery can be done now using minimally invasive techniques with good results.

 Acromioclavicular dislocations

Acromioclavicular dislocations commonly occur following direct blunt trauma. They are usually best treated without surgery although this is sometimes required later if symptoms persist.

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